Building Industry attends second summit for reforms

August 12 2016
Building Reforms

70 representatives from WA’s Building Industry, Local Government and key State Government departments met again on Tuesday to look at further building industry reforms.

Following February’s first summit, held by the Liberal National Government, the second Building Summit hopes to bring major reforms to improve the efficiency, productivity and consistency of the Western Australian building industry.

Commerce Minister Michael Mischin – along with Planning Minister Donna Faragher and Local Government Minister Tony Simpson – will provide a progress update on key issues and ideas raised at the previous summit, before leading more detailed discussions on building, planning and local government processes.

“The State Government is committed to turning ideas into action in order to cut red tape and deliver significant improvements to the building process, while also allowing and encouraging those who operate in the building industry to embrace innovation and come up with creative solutions to problems they may encounter,” Mr Mischin said.

“To do this, we need to be confident the current process is understood, including what is working well and where there may be opportunities for improvement.”

Reforms which are nor progressing include:

  • A single electronic system for lodging and processing building permit applications
  • An online system for permit authority reporting
  • Regulatory mapping of home building approvals process for single residential dwellings
  • More consistent designs and requirements for crossovers
  • Updating and fine-tuning of R-Codes
  • Electronic lodgement of plumbing notices and drainage plumbing diagrams
  • Online licensing applications and renewals for building-related occupations
  • Reviewing health legislation to identify duplication or impacts on current building laws and standards
  • Developing a Building Rules Advisory Committee to provide advice on technical building matters and queries relating to the building laws, codes and standards

“Reforms already underway will go a long way towards delivering these and a multitude of other benefits to the building industry and, ultimately, the West Australians who buy homes and use its services,” the Minister said.

Source: Government of Western Australia

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