Federal Commitment to Housing is Welcome

October 25 2016
Focus on housing

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) has brought focus on housing as the powerhouse behind the Australian economy over recent years, and it’s future importance for future national and household prosperity.

“The contribution that new housing construction makes to our economy, our communities, to our household security and well-being, and to our personal financial security in retirement cannot be over-stated,” said HIA Chief Executive – Industry Policy and Media, Graham Wolfe.

“The federal government has a significant role to play in the supply of affordable new homes across urban, sub-urban and regional communities – new and existing – and its commitment to housing is welcome.”

“Residential building activity provides employment for over one million Australians, supports 321,595 firms and produces $162 billion worth of economic activity each year – one tenth of Australia’s total economic activity,” said HIA Chief Executive – Industry Policy and Media, Graham Wolfe. “The industry generates $77 billion in taxation annually, more than 17 per cent of the total taxation receipts across all levels of government,” said Mr Wolfe.

“Housing is ‘shelter’ – it’s not a state or local Government issue,” said Mr Wolfe. “Addressing our housing affordability challenges very much depends on new housing supply, and that requires Federal leadership on policy direction, strategic planning and a national, whole of government approach to land availability, taxation, infrastructure and workforce capacity.”

“The Treasurer’s commitment today to work with state and local governments to getting more Australians into their own home is a significant step towards increasing housing supply where it is needed, and at an affordable cost.”

Housing Australians, HIA’s Federal Election Policy Imperatives provides the blueprint to develop and deliver a comprehensive and meaningful suite of goals, programs and action plans to promote strong and sustainable housing activity and new housing supply.


Source: HIA Media Release.

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