House Behind House – A Smart Way To Develop Your Investment Portfolio

September 4 2015

Building a house behind house property development is a smart and efficient way to increase your property investment portfolio.

With blocks in Perth’s older suburbs quite large, home and property owners in Western Australia in these areas are sitting on a unique opportunity.

More people are realising their backyard is an investment opportunity and are choosing to capitalise on the land they own by building another house on the spare space.

Building a house-behind-house property development is one of the most popular and affordable property projects undertaken in WA.

Why Build a House Behind House Property Development?

  • There are many strategic advantages a house-behind-house will provide for your investment portfolio;
  • Renting your completed house-behind-house will generate additional income
  • Having more than one property on the same block generally will increase the equity in your estate.
  • You may choose to sell the original property and move into the new house. This gives you double benefits… you can use the proceeds from the sale to reduce your mortgage and you get to live in a brand new house without moving away from your suburb.

To learn more about the potential to build a house behind house property development, please contact the team at Ventura iD for an obligation free consultation.

Render of a House Behind House development by Ventura ID – Perth property development expert team.

house behind house

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