Huge Win for WA Building and Property Development with Red Tape Cuts

August 27 2015

Red tape cuts to the local building industry will help save thousands of dollars and months on approvals processes.

The cuts to processes and procedures required for new homes in Western Australia have been welcomed by industry leaders, with REIWA saying home builders will benefit significantly and the cost of new homes will likely be reduced.

One report said new homes will be cheaper by about $8,000 per home.

“It also means that with simple things like installing a planning-compliant patio, carport or granny flat should save up to 60 days in administration time, because the government has removed the need for a Development Application to be submitted to the local government,” Daivd Airey from REIWA said.

The Minister for Planning, John Day, announced the red-tape cuts this week.

“These regulations will streamline and simplify the planning process to save property and business owners’ time and money,” Mr Day said.

“In many cases the new regulations will save residents up to 60 days when installing a planning compliant patio, carport or granny flat as they remove the need for a Development Application to be submitted to a local government.

“Likewise, renovating or constructing a new planning compliant single house will no longer require approval, and small to medium-sized businesses won’t have to seek approval to change a property from one permitted use to another.”

“This is a major reform that, for the first time, will introduce a consistent planning process across all schemes,” he said. “These initiatives are a key part of the most comprehensive planning reform ever undertaken in WA.”

For example, the process and application forms to build an extension on a property in Ballajura will now be the same as in Broome. The template for local planning schemes has also been made much easier to understand, with less legalistic language.

Key points of the new reform:

  • Local governments have an eight-week transition period before the new regulations take effect from October 19, 2015
  • The Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 amend and replace Town Planning Regulations 1967 and the associated Model Scheme Text
  • To find out if you are planning compliant, including R-Codes, contact your local government and/or builder
  • The new planning regulations do not override the requirement for a building permit
  • For more information, visit

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