Inspiring Investment Quotes

April 23 2015

Inspiring Investment Quotes 

We’ve sourced the internet for some of the most inspiring and enlightening quotes when it comes to investing by influential people of our time. If one of the quotes below resonate with you – read it every day, not just that once, but a few times. It may be even a good idea to print it out and place it where you will see it often. A great quote is repeated often and acts just like affirmations, affecting your mind and behaviour in a positive way if you read them often.

Every person who knows how to read has the power to magnify himself and to make his life significant and interesting.Be inspired. Read our inspiring investment quotes below to kickstart your investment property goals.

Keep learning and acquiring more knowledge about investing and property development.

Real estate is a solid investment. Via Pinterest

Think what a Millionaire Thinks, do what a Millionaire does, and you will produce similar results - Marshall Sylver Join MDTN and download a copy of Top 10 Common Denominator Traits of Millionaires more info read here :

Invest first. Spend after. Via Pinterest

Short term sacrifice can mean long term rewards. Via Pinterest

Surround yourself with like-minded people who believe in you. Via Pinterest

Take control of your money, do not let your money take control of you. Via Pinterest

Warren Buffet Tips. Via Pinterest

Truth be told... Being wealthy is mostly "Luck" and should be humbling enough that you maintain your compassion and your connection to all of humanity.

Wealth is also about being humble. Via Pinterest

Make decisions wisely. Via Pinterest

Learn to have high standards (and make a habit out of it). Via Pinterest

Richard Branson, a successful businessman and philanthropist. Via LikeSuccess

Sound investment strategy advice. Via Financial Mentor.

Respect your dreams, no shortcuts, go full throttle. Via Truly Rich Club Insider

Do not waste time. Via Slideshow.

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. Einstein got it right. Via I Heart inspiration.

Learn from your failures, do not always focus on just the successes. Via See Reviews

Follow your heart, have courage and don’t be trapped by dogma. Via My Quoty

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