New look Scarborough Beach due to open early 2017

November 7 2016
Scarboorough Redevelopment

The first new foreshore destination in the Scarborough Beach redevelopment is set to open early 2017.

Sunset Hill will be the first new development on Scarborough Beach from the $99.4 million revitalization project that is underway to create new foreshore destinations at the popular beach.

Planning Minister Donna Faragher said, “Sunset Hill looks spectacular and is just a start of what is to come, with construction expected to start later this year on new promenades, a skate park, playground, beach facilities and a new surf club premises.”

“The Liberal National Government, together with the City of Stirling, is delivering a $100 million refresh of Scarborough Beach to create new spaces for families and visitors to enjoy,” Mrs Faragher said.

“Scarborough is a popular destination with locals and tourists and can be easily accessed by public transport, with the high-frequency 990 ‘super bus’ route delivering passengers from the city centre right to the beachfront,” the Minister said

“With a range of cafes, restaurants and shops ready to welcome customers, and a number of sponsored events confirmed, Scarborough will remain a hub of vibrant activity this summer.”

Scarborough Redevelopment

Image: Scarborough Beach under redevelopment. Source: Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority


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