Perth Land Owners Sitting on A Financial Gold Mine

May 9 2014
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How to Generate Wealth by Developing Your Land in Perth

Property Development is an excellent way to generate significant wealth from your land – with a lack of titled land in Perth and strong population growth – far more units are needed to keep up with demand.

According to recent projections, there is a long-term opportunity to unlock financial gold from land in the suburbs of Perth.


Want to generate wealth in Perth? A lack of titled land in Perth means far more units are needed to keep up with demand. (Image supplied by Ryan Northover)

Here’s why:

The property development process (more info here) involves the creation of new units on your owned land, that can be sold for profit, used as rentals for cash flow, tax deductions, as a superannuation strategy or to build wealth over time.

Many Perth property developers start by knocking down their current home, or buying a new property. From there, land owners will turn to a property development company to make it all happen – quickly and efficiently.

In Perth, property development has become one of the most popular and successful ways to generate wealth from land ownership, especially as the population of the city grows and demand outstrips supply (see 1 million more people in 13-years and ‘Demand for property continues to outstrip supply’.)

WA government projections show the trend will continue for decades to come, as the local economy – currently driven by gas, mining and construction – diversifies over time, the population becomes more sophisticated and more people relocate to Perth.

Some of the trends to consider include:

  • Inner-city living trends – Perth’s reputation as a place for suburbia is fast shedding, with a new generation of ‘inner-city wannabes’ pushing up demand for urban living.
  • Demand from new arrivals in Western Australia – Tens of thousands of families arrive from the rest of Australia, Asia, the UK, New Zealand, Africa and North America every year, chasing high paid, highly skilled jobs and the extremely popular Perth lifestyle.
  • A surge in the popularity of units from younger budding home owners looking for areas with lots of infrastructure.
  • Middle aged buyers, looking to ‘downsize’ from their suburban block to a more manageable unit home, again, closer to good infrastructure.
  • A lack of titled land – Real Estate lobby groups and cost of living activists alike are constantly demanding more land be put to market, but getting titled land prepared and ready is far behind demand, with no signs of change.

With all this, land owners in Perth are sitting on a huge opportunity to unlock wealth from property development.

There are tens of thousands of Perth land owners right across the city who don’t yet realise what they could potentially create for themselves – Financial freedom, ongoing wealth generation, tax deductible investments, increased equity, increased income generation and the confidence of a bricks and mortar investment that will grow over the years.

There are a handful of companies Perth who help you undertake property development in Perth.

Osborne Park based Ventura iD, backed by Ventura Home Group, have built a large team of dedicated property development professionals. They are the only Perth company with a team 100% dedicated to property development for first-time and experienced property developers alike.

Are you a land owner in Perth? Ventura iD offer interested parties a free consultation and concept drawings. 

You can contact Ventura iD at their website. 

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