Perth Local Government Reform “On Hold” – Barnett

February 17 2015
Perth City

PERTH, Western Australia – In a huge blow to the future development potential of Perth, the Barnett Government has declared Perth Local Government Reform dead.

The Premier and Local Government Mister  today declared plans to reform local government have been withdrawn after strong opposition in Parliament and from the councils.

$60 million on reform cash was taken off the table after months of opposition from local government politicians and a small number of rate payers.

Any amalgamations of councils will be voluntary, with councils given the decision to merge if they wish.

The exception should be the City of Perth, which will still reform to take in the Town of Vincent.

The WA Government was trying to cut the number of metropolitan councils from 30 to 16 as part of a policy more than six years in the making to overhaul the sector.

The news is a blow for property development in Perth. Many of the previously expected council mergers were likely to produce extra development areas previously prevented from subdividing for new houses and units.

Journalist Kate Emery Tweets from press conference.

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