Senate takes an important step in restoring the ABCC

November 30 2016

Wednesday 30th November. The Senate, this morning, passed the Government’s legislation to reinstate the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

The Senate’s decision today will bring back industry specific penalties, and sanctions will return to rule of law to the construction industry, benefitting all business and workers.

According to Shane Goodwin, Managing Director of the Housing Industry Association:

“As one of the triggers for July’s double dissolution election, the passing of the legislation and the reinstatement of the ABCC is an important achievement for both the construction industry and the economy as a whole.”

“Four years ago, the ABCC was abolished to the detriment of almost everyone in the building industry, except those who were breaking the law.”

“For too long the commercial building industry has been bridled by systemic industrial lawlessness, coercion, intimidation and flagrant misconduct. This has been well catalogued by two Royal Commissions in the past 15 years and numerous other inquiries.”

“The restoration of the ABCC is important in restarting the process of ridding the industry of toxic, outdated industrial practices.”

“It is also in the interests of all Australian to have increased productivity on our building sites and lower costs in the construction of crucial public and commercial infrastructure”.

“HIA looks forward to working with the Government and current agency, whilst the ABCC is re-established”, concluded Mr Goodwin.


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