The Who, What and Where of the Australian Investor

June 22 2016
Australia's property investors

Who is the Australian Investor?

With the Australian Federal election fast approaching, property investment has become a hot topic, attracting nationwide debate around future taxation policy and housing affordability. But who is the Australian Investor that everyone is talking about?

On Monday, CoreLogic released its national ‘Profile of the Australian Residential Property Investor Report‘, which has shed light on the profile of the typical Australian Investor and their contribution to the national economy. A talking point that CoreLogic Asia Pacific research director Tim Lawless said, “[was] for politicians, investors and the public at large, [to have] an understanding of the typical profile of the Australian property investor.”

What properties are they investing in?

CoreLogic’s report shows that across dwelling types, investors show the highest concentrations in the medium to high density sector, with almost half (48%) of Australia’s units owned by investors. This compares to the 17% of detached housing properties owned by investors.

It is estimated that the investor owned dwellings attribute to 26.9% of all Australian housing stock by number.

How many investors are there?

Current taxation statistics show that there are 2.03 million individual investors across Australia, with an average of 1.28 investment properties each.

Where are they investing?

Investors are more prominent in the Australian capital cities with the heaviest concentration of properties around captured rental markets such as office precincts, universities and hospitals.

So who is the Australian Investor?

Profile for the Australian Investor

Profile of the Australian Investor. Source: CoreLogic


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Source: CoreLogic – Profile of the Australian Residential Property Investor Report

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