More Unit Developments Needed for Perth – Barnett

May 22 2014
Perth Skyline

More Unit Developments Needed for Perth

Colin Barnett has called for the WA building industry to be more “innovative” to produce more inner-city unit developments for Perth’s growing population and changing demographics.

The Western Australian Premier spoke about the issue of new home development in Perth in an online forum with

Barnett singled out changing lifestyle preferences with younger Western Australian’s, who may prefer to live closer to the city and in inner-city ‘town’ areas like Subiaco and Leederville. Unit Developments would be a key plank to such a push.

“For young people, maybe couples before they have children or even with young children, if they wish to live close to the city, say within even 15km or so, there is limited choice now available and the prices obviously are high,” Barnett said.

“And not everyone wants to live in the traditional Australian block of land in the outer suburbs.”

“I would like to see the building industry be more innovative.

“I happen to personally think terrace type developments are very attractive, where you have got perhaps a two-storey terrace with a small backyard.”boomperth

Barnett said there was a strong need for new property development within 15km of the city to satisfy demand. He called on the WA property industry to get to work to give developers more innovative solutions to house those looking for a lifestyle in the inner-suburbs of Perth.

“We need more housing designs that will allow people to be able to live closer to the city if that’s their desire. And I think more and more people are wanting to do that.”


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