Video: Perth Population Growth

February 17 2015

According to WA’s population growth projections from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Perth recorded the fastest growth rate in 2012/2013 among Australia’s capital cities.

In November 2013, The West Australian newspaper reported that three million people are expected call Perth home by 2028, which will put pressure on the city’s infrastructure and housing supply to keep pace with the growth. This growth scenario will likely double WA’s total population from 2.4 million people to 4.7 million by 2040.

In December 2013, The Sunday Times reported that the size of the city’s urban footprint will nearly triple to an estimated 15,700sqkm, which would exceed that of Tokyo today, but with only one seventh of the population. If planning doesn’t occur, traffic congestion will increase journey times by an average of 180% across the day and 300% in peak periods.

This anticipated population increase is a game changer for the city’s infrastructure and new property development in Greater Perth.

Video: Perth Population Growth and Property Development.

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