Will a Class 2 development unlock your blocks total potential?

July 5 2016
Class 2 developments

Could a Class 2 development help you unlock the potential of your block?

Getting more out of your block is now possible in many Perth suburbs with changes to the local authority town planning scheme allowing for higher density construction, such as Class 2 developments. With this multi dwelling style of development your block can now deliver you more capital returns, greater profits and increased rental yield.

What is Class 2 developments?

A Class 2 development is classified as having, two dwellings where the separation between the occupancies is dependant on both a wall and floor. In other words, these are smaller scale apartment developments where the ground and first floors are separate dwellings.

How does this give me more for my block?

The premise is simple. Because you are building up and combining two dwellings into one, you don’t need as big of a footprint. This means that you can fit more dwellings on the same piece of land.

For example take a 1400m2 R40 zoned block which could usually support 6 single storey or townhouse style units. With Class 2 building methods you could potentially support 10 – 14 units on the same block, simply by building up.

Class 2 development

Example of unit developments on the same block using Traditional vs Class 2 development methods

VIDEO: Find out more about how Class 2 development can get you more out of block

Want to know more?

Speak to Class 2 experts such as Multi Living Developments to find out what the Class 2 potential is for your block.

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